Marine Shades
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Marine Shades

3 to 5 day turnaround time's Marine Mylar Shades comply with Marine Regulations ISO 8468

Marine Mylar Shades reduces the sun's heat and glare providing safe and comfortable navigation is committed to providing effective, maintenance-free and reliable sun protection.

With excellence in mind,'s experienced technicians offer personalized service, on-time delivery, custom-manufactured marine shades to the marine and offshore industry:
  • Cruise Ships
  • Floatels
  • Dredges
  • Oil Tankers
  • Container Ships
  • Tugs
  • Military
  • Supply Ships
  • Oil Rigs
  • Gas Platforms
  • Cranes
  • VTS Towers

Fast Ferry Boat Alantic III<br>Buenos Ai

Marine Shades
Serving Large and Small Marine Vessels

Use our Dark Smoke Shade for Intense Glare and UV Control

The marine shades are used as a safety feature allowing full vision outward without distortion of red, green and yellow signal markers, even at great distances.

Low sun and its reflection on water and ice can be hazardous and uncomfortable. The marine shades eliminate eye strain from the sun's glare on navigation equipment and the problem of glare and reflection on electronic charts is eliminated.

Picture: Fast Ferry Boat Atlantic III
Buenos Aires,Argentina

4 Winds
  • Glare Reduction
  • Over 99% UV Protection
  • Excellent solar energy rejection
  • Suitable for Inclined, Declined and Overhead windows
  • Choice of operating and locking mechanisms
  • Suitable for restricted spaces
  • Custom-manufactured to your specifications
  • Improved safety when navigating
  • Protection from direct and reflected sunlight
  • Improves instrumentation visibility
  • Protects the crew from UV rays
  • Creates a cooler working environment
  • Protects fabrics and furnishings from fading

Sakhara Lotus

Marine Shades
Serving Large and Small Marine Vessels

Roller Shades are suitable for every marine interior window, from passenger and crew cabins, lounges and meeting rooms to restaurants and more on board ships and marine vessels. supplies custom-sized shades for:
  • Large and small marine vessels
    • Dinner and Excursion boats
    • Work boats
    • Tug boats
  • Oil rigs
  • Gas platforms
  • Cranes/toll booths
  • VTS towers

Picture: Sakhara Lotus

Gulmar Condor - Marine Shades

Marine Shades
Serving Large and Small Marine Vessels

Our Marine Mylar Shades are custom-manufactured to fit each individual window and are suitable for locations such as:
  • ship bridges
  • trains
  • control towers
  • drag lines
  • drill rigs
  • and many other areas where glare and heat from the sun is a problem. Marine shades dramatically reduce the sun's glare while still preserving the full view out without eye strain. provides the highest quality product. You will receive:
    • first class custom-made products
    • fast delivery
      • 3 to 5 days manufacturing
    • quality packaging
    • excellent customer service

    Picture: Gulmar Condor

    Houston  Pilot Boat<br>Marine Shades

    Marine Shades
    Serving Large and Small Marine Vessels

    Marine Mylar, anti-glare UV Protection Eliminates Blinding Glare for the Maritime Industry
    • Tow Boats
    • Tug Boats
    • Dredges
    • Work Boats
    • Tanker Ships
    • Barges
    • Commercial Ships
    • Cruise Ships
    • Maritime
    • Dinner and Excursion Boats
    • Ferry Boats
    • Floatels
    • Oil Tankers
    • Container Ships
    • Military
    • Oil Rigs
    • Supply Ships
    • any marine vessel!

    Our Marine Shades are ideal for sun, heat and glare protection and have been installed on numerous ship bridges.
    Picture: Houston Pilot Boat

    Puget Sound Naval Shipyard <br>  Marine
    Click image for larger view
    Puget Sound Naval Shipyeard
    Marine Shades

    Marine Shades
    Serving Large and Small Marine Vessels

    • Spring Roller
    • Clutch/Chain Roller
    • Constant Tension Roller
    • Bottom-up or Top Down
    • Cassettes
    • Fascia

    If you require any advice or assistance with measuring, installation, wiring or operation of a roller shade or blind please contact at 800-561-9250 or 281-493-0991. More detailed technical information sheets are available on request.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE provides a wide variety of products to the offshore industry.

    If you require general information, advice or assistance with placing orders or requesting quotations please contact us at 800-561-9250, 281-493-0991 or email:

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