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Magnetic Insulating Windows

Magnetic Insulating Windows
The Perfect Window Solution

Budget-Friendly Magnetic Insulating Windows protects against and solves the following problems:
➤ Hot and cold drafts
➤ Condensation and frost
➤ Expensive heat loss
➤ Irritating noise
➤ Dust, pollen and pollution
➤ High utility bills

Soundproofing - Reduces 70% of outside noise
Your home and/or office will be quieter from traffic, weather, neighbors and general outside noise.
By creating dead air space and using less conductive acrylic and vinyl materials, your home, office or building are insulated from outside noise and weather.

Excellent Energy Savings - Controls radiant heat loss by 60%
Magnetic Insulating Windows are a low-cost system that double the insulation value of existing windows.
Acrylic insulates 3 times to 8 times more efficiently than glass

Our Magnetic Insulating Window acrylic glazing is clear and guaranteed against yellowing and clouding for 10 years. It is light in weight and 17 times more impact resistant than glass of equal thickness

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Magnetic Insulating Windows
➤ Are strong and lightweight
➤ Have unique Bellows which creates s snug fit (similar to a refrigerator gasket)
➤ built into our molding allowing the acrylic to expand without losing the snug fit
80% of American homes and businesses have problem windows . The solution is Magnetic Insulating Windows which protect against:
➤ Cold/Heat Infiltration
➤ Noise
➤ Humidity and Condensation
➤ High Utility Bills
➤ Dust and Pollen
➤ Mold
➤ Outside Noise

Insulation for your windows that fits over any size or type of window
➤ Custom built, removable acrylic window that magnetically attaches to the inside of your existing windows
➤ Magnetically attached for installation in minutes
➤ Removable in seconds if desired
➤ Invisible from outside, nearly invisible from inside
➤ Noise Reductionbr> ➤ Heavy traffic, airport noise, noisy neighbors, barking dogs, loud A/C units, blaring radios, lawnmowers
➤ Lowers utilities cost and is energy efficient
➤ Makes your home or office more comfortable year round
➤ Easy to store, maintain and clean
Thermal Performance of Magnetic Windows
    ➤ Exceeds that of dual glazed replacement windows due to two primary factors;
    ➤ the high thermal resistance of acrylic compared to an equivalent thickness of glass (four times as great)
    ➤ the almost total elimination of cold or hot air infiltration (leakage) due to the complete magnetic seal

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    Large Quantities and Commercial Orders

    Do you own an office building?
    Most modern commercial buildings have substantial numbers of windows which allow outside noise to enter and costs a lot of money to heat and cool.
    Need large quantities of Magnetic Windows for your apartments, condos, business, school or military complex?
    We can supply virtually any quantity of assembled Magnetic Windows in a short time frame, packaged to avoid damage, arriving ready to install.
    Very large jobs can be completed with no disruption to the tenants.

    With these windows in place you can expect:
    ➤ Noise reduction - Greatly reduced noise infiltration
    ➤ Reduced utility bills
    ➤ Greatly reduced UV damage to office interiors
    ➤ More satisfied, comfortable tenants
    Magnetic Insulating Windows are custom-made to install almost anywhere and are an excellent choice for:
    ➤ Residential
    ➤ Commercial
    ➤ Industrial
    ➤ Churches
    ➤ Schools
    ➤ Hospitals
    ➤ Nursing Homes
    ➤ Historical Buildings
    ➤ Hotels/Motels
    ➤ Office Buildings
    ➤ Any commercial/Industrial building where outside window installation is impractical or too expensive

    Air Infiltration Diagram

    Air Filtration

    Air Infiltration through most 30-inch x 60-inch double-hung windows is like having a 12 square inch hole in the window.

    When an aluminum storm window is installed, air infiltration is only reduced to 7 sq. inches or a hole 2-1/2" x 3". A magnetic insulating window will reduce air infiltration to 1 square inch.

    Air filtration can be experienced by feeling cold air move across floors. It can be seen by watching drapes and shades move, and it can be heard whistling through the windows. Magnetic window seals are similar to your refrigerator door gasket, when the refrigerator is shut, it is air tight.


    Magnetic Insulating Windows

    The Physics Of Heat Is That It Is Always Drawn Towards The Coldest Temperature

    This is what happens in your home or office. When the glass and frames of your windows are cold, wet, or frosted, they continually draw heat from the room on to the cold surface. This is called conductive heat loss.

    Magnetic Insulating Windows are not storm windows or typical replacement windows. Magnetic Insulating Windows install on the inside of your home over existing windows.

    Controls radiant heat loss by 60% - Blocks approxomately 70% of outside noise

    Magnetic Insulating Windows are a low-cost system that double the insulation value of existing windows. They bridge the window cavity, creating a thermal barrier. They keep heat in during the winter months and heat out during the summer.

    They are made of vinyl and acrylic - superior insulating materials. Vinyl and Acrylic do not conduct or lose heat nearly as fast as materials like aluminum and glass. Our vinyl and acrylic windows help reduce drafts, condensation and noise.

    The Magnetic Insulating Window's magnetic seal is virtually airtight (similar to your refrigerator door). By installing the Magnetic Insulating Window over an existing window cavity, an insulating air space is created. The Magnetic Insulating Window separates the warm inside air from the cold prime window glass.

    And with our exclusive bellows design that expands or contracts as temperatures change, the seal is maintained and annoying drafts are eliminated. The flexible bellows also adjust for installation on contoured molding.

    Heat Loss in BTUs Per Hour

    Heat Loss in BTU's per hour

    A magnetic window actually has a better R-value (resistance to heat loss) than most insulated or thermopane glass (2 layers of glass with a dead air space between them).

    The reason for this is that acrylic is more of an insulator and is less of a conductor. Magnetic windows also create the optimum air space which is 1-3 inches, a natural thermal barrier. Most residential insulated glass has less than 3/4" space.


    How Do Magnetic Windows Compare to Exterior Storm Windows

    Outside storm windows are designed to protect prime windows from the weather, not to insulate. They are made of aluminum and glass, two very conductive materials. They do not insulate well because they are designed to be loose enough to slide up and down and have water weep holes.

    Many times you can see light through the mitered corners and weep holes at the bottom to let moisture out.

    r-Factor Comparison

    From R-Value to Window Value

    You save both energy and money with Magnetic Insulating Windoww

    Our comparison charts clearly display the facts: for reducing condensation and drafts as well as insulating ability, our Magnetic Insulating Windows offer performance as good or better than replacement a fraction of the cost.

    R-VALUE - A unit of thermal resistance used for comparing insulating values of different material. It is basically a measure of the effectiveness of insulation in stopping heat flow. The higher the R-value number, a material, the greater its insulating properties and the slower the heat flow through it.


    Magnetic System Better?

    The design of the magnetic frame is unique. Inside the clip that holds the acrylic are 4 rubber "shark teeth" to hold and secure the acrylic.

    The magnet itself is held into position by two compression fitted prongs.

    Magnetic insulating windows have a flexible bellow between the clip and the magnet that flexes with the acrylic. This assures that even when the acrylic is expanding and contracting, the magnet to steel contact will always be solid.

    If the magnetic insulating window did not have a flexible bellow the magnet would rock or tilt back and forth on the steel loosing its solid contact.

    Without solid contact a strong gust of wind, or sudden change in temperature could cause thermal detactment (air leaking between the magnet and steel), or cause the magnetic window to come loose or fall from its position.

    If the surface where the "L" angle is installed is not flat or perpendicular to the magnet, you would not have a good magnet-to-steel-contact. But with the magnetic insulating window system the bellow makes up for any angle of the steel, and allows for solid contact and a perfect seal.

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    Comparison of Air Infiltration

    Infiltration - unplanned air leakage through a window's joints, cracks, frames and sashes - can account for as much as 15 percent of a home's heating and cooling losses. It can make a home much less comfortable and more costly to operate.

    You can expect to virtually eliminate window problems like drafts, heat loss, noise, condensation, and more.



      Prime Window Prime Window W/Mag-Tite
    U-Value 1.15 BTU/Hr Ft 2/Ft 0.44 BTU/Hr Ft 2/Ft
    R-Value .86 2.27
    CRT 5.0 68.0

    Reduction in Heat Transfer - 62%

    Easy to install - Less than 1/3 the cost of replacement windows


    Magnetic Windows - Historic Homes

    Magnetic Interior Windows can be used in historic homes, because they have little effect on interior or exterior architecture.

    Magnetic Interior Windows can reduce drafts providing energy savings during heating and cooling seasons.

    Magnetic Interior Windows reduce exterior sound transmission through windows.

    Magnetic Insulating Windows are simply and easily installed.




    My upstairs bedroom windows back up to a very noisy freeway. I have very sensitive hearing and the slightest sound wakes me. My wife and I discussed selling our home (we love it) but decided to try the Magnetic Windows. We also realized the difficulty we would have selling because of the noise.

    We installed your Magnetic Windows on the windows on our home and are very happy to inform you the Magnetic Windows are the best investment we have made on my home. I now sleep through the night.

    An added benefit is the heat blockage - our air conditioner does not run as much or as long as it did before installing the Magnetic Windows. We have noticed a good reduction in our utility bills.

    I am not in the habit of writing companies from whom I purchase products, as I expect the products I purchase to be what I expected. But, the Magnetic Windows are beyond my expectations. We love them. Sam and Jen

    How Long Will I Have To Wait? How Long Will It Take To Install?

    As compared to custom-made replacement and storm windows, the wait is minimal. Normal delivery is about 1 to 3 weeks.

    Installation is also much faster, an average home takes less than a day to install.

    Major construction is not required so there are less inconveniences, no delays because of bad weather and your home is not opened up during the cold.