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Control Heat, Glare and Fading Residential Commercial

Virtually all homes and businesses in which people live and/or work have glass. We love the natural light that glass allows into our spaces, and the ability to see outside. However, the glare on our TV screens or computers causes the discomfort of eyestrain, headaches, and contributes to tiredness. If you have ever stood by a window sunny day or cold night that windows are responsible for the comfort of your home or office. If you experience blinding sunlight during the day and your home or office is turned into oven-like temperatures, solar shades provide heat and glare control.’s indoor solar shades maintains your view and significantly reduces air-conditioning usage by over 60%, and allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home or business.

Transparent Mylar Shades

Controls Heat, Glare, Fading and Provides Privacy Residential – Commercial

Transparent Mylar Shades

Manual or Motorized Transparent Mylar is a by-product of the US Space Program ad are made with a thin heat-reflective aluminum coating laminated between two glare-reducing sheets of dyed polyester. Transparent Mylar Shades have been used for many years in homes, retail stores, gas stations, convenience stores, auto dealers – anyplace that requires excellent heat, glare, privacy and fade control while providing a unobstructed view outward.

Multi-Functional Window Insulator – $ SAVES YOU MONEY $

  •  Heat Block – Excellent

Stops 73% of the outdoor heat from entering the room in the summer months Retains 25% of the heat in the room in winter months

  • Glare Control –Excellent - stops up to 80 percent of glare
  • Visibility –Excellent
  • Privacy – Daytime Only
  • Appearance – Excellent
  • Quality – Excellent
  • Ease of Installation - Excellent

These budget-friendly shades block solar heat from entering, and prevent UV damage to interior furnishings. In winter they keep rooms warmer and prevent cold drafts at window areas.

Woven Mesh Solar Shades

Controls Heat, Glare, Fading and Provides Privacy Residential - Commercial

Woven Mesh Solar Shades

Manual or Motorized Our Indoor Solar Shades are used in a variety of residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, hospitality, and military applications.

  • GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certification
  • GreenGuard Children and Schools Indoor Air Quality Certification
  • Heat Block –Good to Excellent (Depends on openness of fabric - instantly reduces heat - makes any area more comfortable
  • Glare Control – Good to Excellent
    Indoor Solar shades offer a perfect balance between light control and visibility. These fabrics will provide daytime privacy and control of solar heat gain
  • Fading – protects fabrics, furnishings and artwork from fading
  • Visibility –None to Excellent (depends on the Openness of the Fabric) - allows outward visibility even when fully closed
  • Diffuse light - filters the sun rather than blocking it Available in the following Openness Factors:

10% Openness

  •  SheerWeave 2100
  •  SheerWeave 4100
  •  SheerWeave 2360
  •  3G Mermet E-Screen

5% Openness

  •  SheerWeave 2000
  •  SheerWeave 4000
  •  SheerWeave 2390
  •  3G Mermet E-Screen
  •  3G Mermet M-Screen 

3% Openness

  •  SheerWeave 4400
  •  SheerWeave 2410
  • 3G Mermet Vela
  •  3G Mermet E-Screen
  •  3G Mermet M-Screen 

1% Openness

  •  SheerWeave 2500
  •  SheerWeave 4800
  •  3G Mermet E-Screen
  •  3G Mermet Vizela

Blackout Shades

Eliminates Light and Heat - Adds comfort Sleep Room, Media Room, Nursery Examination Room, Light Sensitive Laboratories

Blackout Shades

Residential or  Commercial

Blackout Shades

Block light and heat - are durable and energy efficient.

Excellent for sleeping rooms, nursery, home theaters, examining rooms and light sensitive labs. Blackout Shades also provide excellent insulation by stopping hot and cold transfer through glass.

Sunroom Shades

Sun room Shades

Sunroom Shades
Manual / Motorized

Trackstar shades are an ideal solution for treating curved windows, and are typically used in Sunrooms, Solariums and Greenhouses.

Trackstar shade is a manual or motorized fabric system for curved and angled areas. The fabric is guided by a series of carriers that travel smoothly along curved tracks through the radius of the opening. The fabric will cascade down the opening between the mullions suspended by inserted stays that are connected to the track by custom designed carriers. Trackstar shades are custom designed to fit each opening.

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