50% of solar heat enters a room through windows; 40% escapes through windows.  If you experience blinding sunlight during the day and your home or office is turned into an oven, solar shades offer heat and glare control.


Virtually all homes and buildings in which people live and work have glass. We love the natural light that glass allows into our spaces, and the ability to see outside. However, we don't love the glare we get on a TV or computer screen, or the strain it causes, and we definitely don't love faded carpet or fabric, or the discomfort of excessive heat Whether you are dealing with a small standard windows, a very large window, a greenhouse, a sloped glass surface or curved glass, or an overhead skylight, whether you need functional shading alone, or functional shading with a designer look, when the sun is a problem, Seesawusa.com has the answer.



Residential & Commercial

Saves Money

Light Filtering

Instantly Blocks Heat & Glare

Indoor Roller Sun Shades are window coverings that offer a wide selection of fabrics, styles, and options to suit a variety of needs. They are a proven elegant window treatments for a home , to heavy duty shade for offices, restaurants, or any other business. A large selection of control options and fascias make if possible to create the perfect indoor sun shade.

Sun shade fabrics have an open weave that allow sunlight to filter through while maintaining your view. The benefits of these fabrics include:

  • Controlled glare

  • Maximized view outside

  • UV Protection

  • Heat reduction

  • Optimized interior energy efficiency

Design Options And Offerings

  • Light filtering, room darkening screens

  • Multiple operating systems including motorization

  • Cassette, Fascia and specialty options

  • Internal and external hem bar options

Our indoor solar sun shades are available using manual or motorized operation.

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