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Seesawusa.com's Marine Mylar Shades Comply with Marine Regulations ISO 8468

Marine Mylar Shades reduces the sun's heat and glare providing safe and comfortable navigation. Our Marine Shades provide full outward vision without distortion of red, green and yellow signal markers even at great distances.

Seesawusa.com is committed to providing effective, maintenance-free and reliable sun protection.

With excellence in mind, Seesawusa.com's experienced technicians offer personalized service, on-time delivery, custom-manufactured marine shades to the marine and offshore industry.

Marine Mylar, Anti-Glare UV Protection Eliminates Blinding Glare for the Maritime Industry


  • Glare Reduction

  • Over 99% UV Protection

  • Excellent solar energy rejection

  • Suitable for Inclined, declined and overhead windows

  • Choice of operating and locking mechanisms

  • Suitable for restricted spaces

  • Creates a cooler working environment

  • Protects fabrics and furnishings from fading

  • Custom-manufactured to your specification

Available with Clutch/Chain, Spring or Constant Tension with Marine Mylar Cord & Cord Locks.

Marine Mylar

Solar Optical Specs


Cord & Cord Locks

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